“Selling Yourself: The Intersections of Fine Art & Pornography”: Artist Talk by Syd Blakovich

Posted April 16th, 2012 at 2:49 pm.

Syd Blakovich is visiting my Bryn Mawr video production course on Thursday 3/22 to present a talk on their work.  All are welcome!

“Syd Blakovich is a performance artist, award-winning porn producer and mixed martial arts fighter, whose body of work includes being featured in the critically acclaimed, award-winning queer porn series Crash Pad. They (Syd’s preferred pronoun) use porn as a platform for social awareness, driven by the belief that it is essential for queer females of color to seize the power of image making, particularly when it is in regards to their bodies. Syd studies mixed martial arts as a pathway for exploring modern interpretations of performative neo-masculinity within the United States.”

Syd will also be performing at Swarthmore this week as part of Swarthmore student-organized Queer-Trans Conference. These are the Syd Blakovich related events to attend!

Thursday 3/22
1:15 – 2:30 – Syd Blakovich “Selling Yourself: The Intersections of Fine Art & Pornography” – Dalton 10 (Bryn Mawr Campus)

Saturday 3/24
8-10 pm, “Clip Piece” An interactive installation-performance by Syd Blakovich utilizing found media and social intersections. This will be a physical dialogue mediated by technology: an extension, a surrogate, a buffer, a border, a crossroads. Please bring your cell phone, point and shoots, flips, and hand held recording devices.  – at Kitao Gallery (Swarthmore Campus)

Sunday 3/25
1-3 pm, “Screening Sex: A Conversation with Two Queer Pornmakers, Loree Erickson and Syd Blakovich” – Science Center 199 (Swarthmore Campus)

More information about the entire Queer and Trans Conference “Power, Pleasure, and Violence: A New Discourse of Bodies, Desire, and Sex” may be found here:

Any questions? Contact:
Erica Cho / echo@brynmawr.edu
Visiting Assistant Professor
Film Studies Program (Bryn Mawr College)
Film and Media Studies Program (Swarthmore)

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